Would you take a rebound to dinner?

A guy I met the other day at a bar asked me out. He was there to celebrate one of his friends birthday. The thing is that I found out that he had a gf for 3 1/2 years and that she cheated on him twice during that time, they broke up about 6 months ago when he found out.

He seems like a really sweet guy and was a bit shy in the beginning. But yeah, I've been wrong pretty much every single time before haha, so I just don't know anymore.
He later on (when we texted) told me that he usually is good at meeting new people but he got speechless when around me.

Now I'm kind of wondering if maybe I'm just a rebound to his gf, 3 1/2 years is a long time. Does it seem legit or am I overthinking it?
I might add that I live in Sweden so going out on dates isn't really that common.


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  • Being he was in this long term relationship and has been Burnt, apparently he is Out there again, looking and lurking, and when he found someone who took his fancy And his eye----He got speechless when around me. And aside from appearing to be this 'shy guy,' he was Also giving you the impression that he liked what he saw. Now you're----Communicating. Maybe Not-----Wrong pretty much this time.
    I believe He And 'It seem legit,' however the best step to take when someone is Still likely licking his war wounds, is go slow with the flow. This means yes, you Could be a 'Rebound,' but if he is lonely, looking for someone who Might fill Her shoes, Only 'Different' this time around, then you are the girl he Might like to get to know better. And with this, could be some comments and comparisons at times, but after awhile, when things would get moving Faster, with this would have come the nurturing and the nursing. And with this, and Old Mother Nature, could very well be the seeds that were meant to be reaped.
    Life is full of gambles, never any guarantees, as you know. But for some reason, Fate brought you to the 'Party' that nite. It's your choice, your call if you want to give him a shot or just be a party pooper who will never know unless she tries.
    Good luck. xx

    • Of course I will give him a shot, the thought not to never entered my mind, I just wanted to hear what others thought. :) he's been on vacation abroad for a week now and we've messaged the whole time so he seems genuine about it. I think he's one of the good ones :) Thank you for your opinion, it really helped!

    • Great, sweetie! You're so very welcome, glad to be here for you... If he is Keeping the open lines of Convo open even while abroad, he is indeed even a future---Keeper as well... xx

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  • It is potentially possible, or perhaps he may be suffering from his ex's problem about cheating and might be scared to try again. There are numerous problems that could cause this behavior, but in my opinion. I suggest to just ignore it, just talk with him, get to know him, and be there for him. Let him initiate a relationship. There's no point in trying hard to get someone if the person him/herself isn't completely confident.

    • You are right, thank you :) I believe he is one of the good ones, he was on vacation in another country and yet we talked every day so I feel like he is being genuine about it :)

  • Well the guy doesn't seem like a bad fellow, he just got burnt. What you need to know is how he still feels about his ex, and whether or not he'll take her back when she shows up at his doorstep again, which she most likely will.

    • That's true, I didn't find out from him though and I doubt that he knows that I know. It was his friend that told me (which I still think is really strange) so I think I'll let him tell me if we get to that point, which I hope we do :) as I was saying to the others, he's been on vacation for like a week now and we've been talking every day so I feel like he is genuine about it and I think he is one of the good ones. :)) thank you for your opinion :)

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