Am I in the wrong for feeling like this? I don't know how to talk to his friends?

I think most people would agree that being the third-wheel sucks. Well, sometimes my boyfriend would go on xbox live to talk to his buddy whenever I'm over his house or when he's streaming. Even though he's not "ignoring" me, it feels one-sided. I cannot actively engage in the conversation if I cannot hear what his friends are saying, so therefore I feel like the third-wheel.

Even when one of his friends hang out with us, it feels like he has to try to please both members of the party, because there's not much interaction between me and his friend. I would gladly converse with his friend, but I take a while to warm up to people; I usually don't talk until I can actually add in a input to a conversation I can actually relate to.

If his friends were to be present whenever I'm with him, I'd rather for him to just have his guy time, and I'll go because I do not want to end up feeling like the third-wheel. Idk; I'm not good at talking to people, mainly because it's usually hard to hear people (disability), so I just remain quiet. I don't want his friends to hate me, or think I'm weird.
What to do?


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  • Maybe he's just trying to make it easier on you by going between his friend and you (when you three are in the room.)

    As far as video game playing, I would say "i have no problem with you playing video games, but if we're together, I'd rather you wouldn't play them... if we're supposed to be together, I'd like your attention"

    • I don't care if he plays it around me with his friends. I love video games just as much as the next person, but I would want that opportunity to join in the conversation if he's gunna go on live with his friends. Otherwise, I'd rather if he doesn't play around me.

    • Thank you for the advice, btw.

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  • It's not unreasonable at all to feel like this. If his friends are there whenever you're with him, I'd talk to him about making more time for you. As for getting along with his friends you could talk to him about trying to include you more.

    • Thank you for the advice.

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  • It's normal, I wouldn't worry too much. Why, though, would he have you over if he was only going to chat with his friends?

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