He doesn't want to hang out w/ me 24/7?

Yeah and so should I be worried about where I stand in his eyes? Like we'll hang out maybe once a week or 2 weeks. He'll text me once a week. I personally like it bc I have new stories to share, and he does too. We're not bored of each other. We have years to hang out every second of the day. But that's just how I feel. Should I be worried that he thinks of me as a friend or a backup, or is it normal for two lovers to do this?


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  • how far do you guys live apart? do you both drive? why do you only see each other once a week or once every two weeks? why do you only text once a week? have you tried to increase the frequency of seeing each other or texts?

    I think seeing each other 24/7 isn't realistic or necessary to a relationship. that almost becomes unhealthy at it seems like you two would need each other to survive. however, only seeing each other once a week, especially once every two weeks AND REALLY if you're only communicating once a week, seem like awfully low frequency.

    • He lives pretty far away, and we both don't drive. He's not much of a texter. So do you think that he might be into someone else, and I'm just a backup? When school starts, we hang out like everyday--studying. But the frequency of us meeting up has decreased since summer started.

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    • I've already said something along those lines, and he just said "I feel the same way."

    • Thanks for your advice. I told him I miss seeing him, and some cheesy stuff that he just laughed about. We've been hanging out every other day now, and we text once a day. But it's only been like a week since I said it.

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  • "We have years to hang out every second of the day"

    That sounds kind of scary if you're a guy

    • Lol I know. I don't tell him that! He's talked about marriage after college though.

  • if you want it that way, then trust me you gonna end up breaking up as it might becoming clingy relationship

    • I don't want it that way; I like the way our relationship is right now. I'm just scared that he wants that kind of relationship bc that's how he was with his last girlfriend-- I know this since we've been good friends. I'm scared that he doesn't still feel those sparks we both get when we're together. I'm scared he's not faithful. That's it. I mean I know he'd never cheat on me bc of his family history, but I'm scared he doesn't love me anymore.

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