Dating a college athlete!?

Im dating a football athlete and we go to different colleges. I trust him, but its hard when there's a lot of girls that wants to be with athletes. 😔 , but when you know you have someone good, you'll have to de with his fans. I hate homewreckers. I just hope he won't do anything stupid. Because i really love this guy.

he's 6'3
Dark chocolate (yum)
Who wouldn't want someone like that. He has the whole package!


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  • Depends on the individual guy. Most of my friends in college were athletes, also football players mostly. The majority were straight up man whores would sleep with any and every girl that threw it at them. The thirst of the jersey chasing women know no limits. Those chicks are seriously crazy. But I knew a couple guys who had girlfriends and were faithful, to my knowledge anyway. But honestly, you're bf/gf at 18 is rarely the person you end up with, just by way of outgrowing each other. Happened with me, happened with almost everyone I know. But at the same time, two of my friends who got together freshman year of college are married with three kids today at 35. So you can't rule anything out. Just don't put all your eggs in one basket is all I'm saying. You just have to ride out relationships and see where it takes you. If it works out, awesome. If not, learn from it and move forward. I hope this guy works out for you! But be aware of the situation. Don't get insecure or jealous, that's a surefire way to push him into someone else's arms. But don't be anyone's fool either. As we football players say, keep your head on a swivel. Best of luck to you! :-)


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  • Hate to break it to ya kid, but chances are, if you're under the age of 18, one of you is gonna do something stupid.

    Trust me, I'm very much hoping I'm wrong, but the truth of the matter is, with youth comes stupidity.

  • He can only say 'no' so many times. Just keep that knowledge.

  • Not a good look, bruh.


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