The guys I've been seeing for a month recently isn't returning my texts, he is usually prompt with this. What should I do?

I met this guy at the gym about a month ago. We've hung about 3 times on the weekends outside on the gym and usually workout together once a week during the week at the gym.
He texts me everyday usuallygoodmorning or something and then it carries in through out the day. He initiates talking 90% of the time and always responds promptly.
He went out of town for a family wedding on Saturday, I sent a text that day saying "have fun! Don't forget to sent me a pic!", no response. So I texted him Sunday saying "So... how was it?" No response. He had told me to text him Sunday because he would be back and we could get together. It's now Monday of the long weekend and I haven't heard anything.
What should I do? What do you think is wrong?
It's just really unlike him, not sure what to do or if I did something wrong.
Help please!


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  • Don't overreact just play it cool, maybe even start texting him good morning

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