She's mad at me and won't respond?

So this girl I text often is mad at me because I didn't tell her what I talked about with her dad and I told her it's something silly that a girl wouldn't be interested in ( guy stuff ) and then I texted her and she said she's mad at me bc of that now it's been 2 days without her responding.. How do I fix this if she's not responding? We've been talking for 2 months now. She's only here on weekends nd weekdays she's with her mom. I'm 19 she's 17

It's been 4 hr and no response


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  • ya well you did do something pretty offensive and a big no-no on the guide to girls book. tell her how sorry you are in more than 2 words ( i'm sorry) you need to add something romantic to it.

    • Help me ou , what should I say?

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    • Then what do I do?

    • give her time. and whatever you do don't make contact. she has to come to you. ok? in the meantime try to find other girls out there. :)

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  • Apologize with a long sweet text, and say you love her, can't deny it, love texts are the best

    • Give me an example.. And I can't say I love her cuz I'm not sure if she likes me or not.. And I did apologize I just said sorry

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  • Apologize about it and say you won't do it again. If that doesn't work, nothing else will.

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