What to do when you give a guy you like your number and they haven't texted you yet?

3 days ago I gave my crush who is also a co worker my number out of nowhere. I don't usually do stuff like this but I really really like him so I figured why not I have nothing to loose. Well I thought his reaction was good because he was really smiley but I could tell he was shocked. All signs were good before, I thought he might have liked me as Well but I haven't heard anything yet and it's worrying me. Ran into him yesterday and it was kind of awkward but everything seemed fine. I just don't know what to do. Should I ask him about it? Or just move on? Give up? I don't have a lot of experience with men so I'm not sure what to do.


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  • This has happened to me before, I got a girl's number and was too shy to call or text her.,


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  • Some girls text me 2 or 3 months later when I give them my number. Women tend to use pre-texts to initiate contact.

    Not sure with men. Usually once contact is established they will maintain it. It could take several days for them to initiate contact though.

  • just keep waiting. after 10 days then send him a casual text.

    • What if you don't have his number?

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    • Since I see him at work do I ask him about it Or anything? Should I just act like nothing happened? I thought for sure he would text me.

    • if he doesn't text you after like 7 days then go up to him casually and just be like so you gonna call me?

  • just wait if he like you he will send


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