I like a Doctor at my job?

I'm not one of those nurses who flirts with doctors. Because believe me, those women are pretty annoying.
But.. I like a doctor, and I think he knows.
I don't flirt or do things with him. But I was talking
To him and he stared at me directly in my face for ten seconds.

I'm not ready to date, so I'm confused..


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  • That is a dominance setting issue. Doctors have a tough time asserting dominance in today's world. They can get done for all kinds of things after women's rights.

    You should see some of the fits of anger the consultants have in their office when they think we can't see.

    Wait for him to invite you out, otherwise consider him not an option and pay no attention to him trying to assert himself. Protect your career.

    • I'm not gonna date him silly. I just think he knows I know. So I'm scared.

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    • Yes. That's the entitlement issue I mentioned before. If most other nurses flirt with him and act unprofessional he will wonder why you're not doing that. That is what will draw him to you in the first place. You're acting differently and he wonders why.

      I understand from my own days of training and being in university that many women do nursing to meet and marry a doctor. I've heard it so many times it's not even cliché or funny any more. At one stage in my training so many were saying that that i turned around and told them 'By that standard all nurses should be male to get the job done properly.'

      Remember, the job is what you're there to do. You are the face of the health system to the people you look after. We work too hard to give it up lightly. Keep working to your high standards and wait to see what his intentions are. Just because he is a Doctor does not mean he has good intentions with women.

    • Yeah. I guess I will just ignore him.

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  • wait for the Dr to make his move, if nothing happens just ignore him for a while & he will come to you, don't get nervous & things will get smoothly

  • You should think very well, good luck

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