Does he only see me as a fling?

I've been on three dates with this guy. One of them we watched a movie and we talked the entire movie. The other we went rockclimbing an he bought ice cream before coming over. We went out for drinks after and we went back home and got physical. My only problem is we both worked the next day but he said he had to go home because he didint have any clothes. To be fair he lives at the other end of town and it seems like a legit reason but then he mentioned to me he was going on a trip for the next three weeks. He has send me some pics since then I know he's not lying but I'm worried about his no sleepover. Also the fact that he's gone for so long and we've only been on three date. Should I be expecting to text me a lot on his trip if he still likes me or not be offended if he's Mia during his travels?


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  • You're Over thinking this, sweetie, and being it's been 'Three dates,' I don't feel you have struck out with him, nor am I seeing Raised Red flags of you being this one nite stand. Let me help relieve some of the tension here by sorting some things out with you.
    Being you both had to 'work the next day,' he most likely Would have spent the nite, had he Not had to work And if he knew you were both going to get 'Physical,' he would have packed a bag to boot. Whenever I was ever going to be with someone over nite, and it was Planned in advance, which Yours wasn't, each of us would bring a bag. Next time maybe things could be Done differently if there was going to be a 'sleep over.'
    As far as 'He was going on a trip for the next three weeks,' from what you're saying, even after the 'No sleep over,' he Has 'Send me some pics since then,' which is a Good sign, didn't put you on his pay no mind list with no contact, and you 'Know he's not lying.' I don't even read a Mixed Signal of any sort yet. Everything sounds kosher from where I am sitting.
    The fact that you have gone on these 'Three dates,' he has been communicating with you even after the 'Physical part,' And it appears you know he is telling you the whole truth about this Three week trip, is Telling me he likes you, he respects you enough to even have the courtesy of Telling you he is going to be gone, and also that when he returns, he will most likely be getting in touch with you for a-----Fourth.
    Even if he is in 'His travels,' doesn't mean he is in his own world. Shoot him a friendly text, wait for his reply, and even if it isn't a Constant Flow every day, at least it's a good way to Keep the lines of convo open while he is away.
    However, if you don't get a Reply with the message you send, then you need to be a bit concerned. I feel that he could tell you before he even left, that he was going to be busy And-----MIA.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for your advice. I guess your right. He still has not contacted me since but he sends me snapchats every now and then. I replied to one of them saying nice view and he didint say antyhing back. I guess i'm hesitant to message him because I texted him before he left wishing him a good trip, I dont want to keep initiating id like him to show me he's interested.

    • You're so very welcome... glad to be here for you. Whenever he sends you snapchats, message back a friendly 'Great' to him, and leave it at that until he comes home... I think he is including you inn between what he's doing on his trip, so even a reply from you will shpw him you're still there... And feel things out when he returns... Hang in there... xx

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  • If it were me and I were on vacation I wouldn't be texting anyone a lot


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  • I don't know. I'm a virgin, and since I don't know much about dating. I just don't have sex. How can they use me if they can't get into my cookie jar?