Would you forgive a guy who forgets about your date?

The guy I've loved for one year forgot about our date (its been one month since I've last seen him he barely asks me out) and I was counting the days for this day to finally come. I was really looking forward to seeing him and even got him a small gift. The date day came and he didn't talk to me all day until night time, asking me what I was up to. Wtf?
The next day he appologized again saying he forgot about the date and went out with his friends to a club. Not only did he forget but after realizing he did , he went out with his friends to a club? He's been getting my hopes up for a year now and I don't even know if he loves me or if we will ever be official Im tired. Now he keeps calling me and texting me he's sorry and that he finds it hard not talking to me. Im not replying to any of his messages or calls but he seems really hurt. What do i do? How can i forgive what i can't forget? He forgot about this one day we got to see each other


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  • Get rid of this guy! This event warns you what his future behavior would be like. "Forget" his number and never contact him again. You might feel sad and perturbed a few days, but you will get over it. You will eventually meet a guy much better suited to you. Take charge and control your life. Do not allow such insults. Respect yourself.


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  • "he went out with his friends to a club?" -

    Yeah if I genuinely forgot, I would have omitted this. That was a bone-head thing to reveal. Didn't help him or you.

    "What do i do? How can i forgive what i can't forget?" -

    Just let it go. He apologizes, he knows he messed up. Move forward, that's really all you can do. If he repeats this behavior then it is sayonara.

  • Guys suck I know, with dates and time. you guys don't see each other for months. wow, I can't comprehend that.


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  • I need a lot more information. How long have you known this person, have you ever met, how can you be in love with someone you aren't dating, why has it been a year? I'm sorry this just makes little to no sense.