How can I tell if he likes me or if he just wants to get with me?

can't tell now if he just wants to hookup all the time or actually wants to be with me. he told me a year ago he liked me and considers me wife material and said he wanted to marry me (jokingly kind of). I said we should stay friends. we have hooked up inbetween but he moved. but when i saw him last I would catch him starring at me, and smacking my bum and trying to kiss me once he was drunk. but its always like that when he's drunk. and the next day sobber its akward. but im always the one contacting him first.. just so confused.


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  • "They always say a drunk mind speaks a sober one." This guy is very much attracted to you. But, since you turned him down. He doesn't want to act on his feelings because he believes you don't share them. From what I can tell he likes you. So, you should call and set up a date.

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