I'm a tad confused about the process of dating?

Before you explain how to date, please know my background so that the advice could be more informative. If you don't want to read then skip it and answer it anyway with your knowledge.

I'm having problems when it comes to dating. I feel pretty insecure about myself due to my color. I grew up in a predominant white area so the only girls I knew were white. Race has never been an issue. I grew up near the Jersey shore so I'm a very outgoing and lively person. I even got an Italian accent.

So how important is color to girls?
*This question belongs to all girls, not just whites
*I also understand that everybody has preferences.

How would a color guy approach to other girls?

Is it also possible to find a girl that doesn't want a physical relationship?
*I'm a virgin and believe in sex after marriage.


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  • I read it, and what race are you? I'm black/puertorican & live in a predominately white town as well. For me, I have PREFERENCES (I usually like white & latino men) but if you're cute with a good personality, then I'll still give you my attention. & as to how you approach other girls, oh my gosh, don't act differently! xD Be yourself, truly. compliment the girl, ask for her number, and if she says no- then whatever. on to the next. & for the physical relationship thing, communication is key.
    hope this helps :D

    • Well there's the issue, born in America ethnicity is Bangladesh but I could pass as a black guy, or a Cuban.

    • that's not an issue! It's just who you are, you wouldn't want a girl who is too superficial to not date you just because of your ethnicity :3

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  • I am white, blond with green eyes and I am into Latinos 99% of the time, morenos, brown eyes & hair. It depends on everybody. If you want a girl who will wait until after marriage, go to a church.

  • Jersey has non whites too but anyways try friendship first and they might even have cuter single female friends


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