I really like her but she said she doesn't think she can be in a relationship ever again. What should I do? Convince her or give up?

I know this girl and I really like her we get along really well but I did a few things that pissed her off. We stopped being friends and then started being friends, and start and stop. I guess we're in an on again off again friendship lol

it's always her who gets mad at me so she cuts me off and then i'll speak to her again adn then she'll talk to me. she likes to be around me but doesn't want to date anyone saying she doesn't trust men anymore and she doesn't think she can be in a relationship because she doesn't even know how to. she said she always screws up, and then she'll keep trying, but even when she tries she still pissed her exes off. She thinks she can't do anything right when she's in a relationship and she's tired of it so she gave up. She seems really depressed about it when she talks about it. She's 29 so a bit older than me but I'm turning 25 in November.

I really like her we have a lot in common and work near each other so spend a lot of time together. we grab lunch together. whenever she has a bad day at work she calls me and then we'll hang out at her lunch break. i work at a music store that I co-own so I can leave whenever I want, so I'm always there for her.

How do I prove that i'm a good guy? Will she ever see that or will she just never trust me? I know I did a few things that upset her, they were always small things that she forgave me for.



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  • If you think that she's the one for you, go ahead and keep trying. She needs a guy who can prove to her that not all guys are the same. Prove to her by your actions and yes, everything takes time. Use the time that you guys have together to show her how much she meant for you. If you know what previous guys did to hurt her, then avoid doing that and do things to make her happy. If you know what kind of guy she likes or wants, try to let her know that you can be/do that for her.

    • I tried doing that and she was more open with me a few months ago but then I screwed up and she got mad and we didn't talk for maybe 2 months then we started talking again (I persuaded her) but since we became friends again (it's been maybe 2 months) she isn't the same and is very distant and closed off. even when we hang out she's closed off and doesn't talk much it's like she's trying to be polite but she just doesn't care if we are friends or not

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  • It's up to you. If you really like her then just keep pursuing her but take it slow. You'll have to actually show her you aren't a douche like all the other guys she's dated. That's why she feels that way. If you aren't a douche then yah just take it slow and be her friend and do some romantic things for her here and there. She might think it's lame but whatever


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