How to know when a man likes you? 20yrs and up?

So, there is this chubby guy i think i like at work. At first we did not talk, he was mean to me once. But last week i started talking to him i was being playful and i told him to get to work. Now he is very cute to me, he is playful and silly. He will make funny/cute faces when i look at him. he'll keep up with my silly comments and nonsense. Today, he asked me my date of birth cause he wanted to know if he was older than me. Our conversation now flow so easily. there is no effort to keep our conversations going. there is no fear no say something or uneasiness. My heart starts beating fast when i talk to him. Please men out there tell me what signs do you show to the women you like?


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  • Maybe he was just being friendly and likes talking with you?
    Then there's a possibility that he might have a little crush on you or think you are cute. Try not to read too much into it.

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