Have I ruined my chances with this girl?

This girl and I went out for a month. She broke it off with me saying how she needed time and space for herself cause she was just getting out of a rough 4 1/2 year relationship. I was like ok and respected that. This was back in May. We've talked here and there just checking up on one another. Last 2 or 3 weeks she's text me saying how she's missed me and this and that has come up and it makes her think of me. Well the first time she said that I threw it out there if she'd like to start hanging out again and she said yes then told me she couldn't cause she had to be honest she'd been talking to her ex on and off again. Then 2 weeks ago she said how much she misses me. and how stuff has made her think of me and how the first date I took her on was the best night ever and how she will never forget that. But I didn't say nothing bout hanging out then. But I really like this girl alot, like I can't explain how you how much I like her. I've never felt this way about a girl EVER! So me and a couple of my girl friends came up with the idea of sending a letter to her telling her like how I feel about her and everything but making it sound like one of her friends was telling her this, not me. I thought it was stupid and weird but they kept telling me to do it and give it a try and I did. She told me about her getting the letter and asked if I knew about it. I couldn't lie to her so I told her what was going on. She said she didn't udders tans why I just didn't tell her how I felt and why I've been talking to other girls about our situation. I just told her that the girls had nothing bad to say about her that they were just trying to help me out. She said like I just need to have patience be a use she just has a lot going on around her and everything just feels jumbled. Well I said I'll leave you alone and everything. Then she was like I don't want you to go away she said she just has lots of things to figure out so it will be better later down the road. Thoughts?


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  • She sounds like she still wants you in her life, but either is scared you'll hurt her or something? Or she's just having trouble with something going on between you two.

    • I don't know what it is. It might be because of the way the guy treated her in her 4 1/2 year relationship. But there's nothing going on between us. We've never fought or had any problems

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    • You won't, you're not pressuring her you're showing her that you're better than the ass who was her ex before you.

    • Well what's the ways you have to get her back? You can message me if you don't wanna put them here

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