She liked me, I didn't make a move, then I do then she's blown away but says she's talking to someone?

This girl and I have been talking since March this year, she was always happy to see me in the hallways (I graduated that semester, she has 2 more semesters to go). I could tell she liked me, but her signals were confusing: flirty one day over text then cold the next. I wasn't ready for dating as I just broke up from a 4 year relationship and she knows, but being with her eventually made me give it a go sooner than planned. We have gone out to a few places about 7 times (best part of FL is that there's always stuff to do), just for fun and always hugged when we left. I told her I went on some day-dates with my brothers friends, those seemed to make her a little jealous so I knew she had some feelings for me.

Well, she was working in the office when I came by to take care of graduation matters and it wasn't busy, so I flat out asked why we weren't dating. It blew her away instantly and she stopped what she was doing, we had a good 15 second solid eye stare and my stomach hit the floor. She said she didn't know why with the facial expression as if she was wanting me to say we needed to date, but then she eventually said she just started talked to a different dude at school and that she was sorry. After that she and I talked normally and she acted like everything was OK. Now she won't respond to my texts or FB chats (she uses it about once a week, though). I'm afraid I may have messed up what we had but my friends say she should have seen it coming the way she acted with me.

Since I'm no longer at the school, I'd feel weird going up there in person and definitely don't want to seem like a basket case on text. We were going to go to one of the water parks when she got done with setting up Freshman orientation things in 2 weeks, but she hasn't responded saying she still wants to go. My friends said she didn't reject me at all and I just came out of the blue with the question she may have been wanting, but I still feel that I got rejected. Any thoughts?


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  • give her space. stop texting her, stop trying to contact her for awhile. When these things happen to me, after awhile i give up cuz i'm not gonna put in more effort than they do if its not doing anything. Eventually they realize that and will start up little conversations to get your attention back. Then just talk to her as a friend after that space has been given and she;ll be going crazy wondering if you still like her. after talking for awhile you can get a little deeper and talk more about how you felt during that moment and how you felt rejected. the potential relationship will go from there.
    I've been on both sides of this. i was on your side though before me and my current boyfriend started dating and it worked for me.

    • Thanks, we actually started 'officially' dating 2 days after this went up! She called me up and said how she felt and that she was wanting to date for awhile!

    • awww thats awesome
      :) i'm happy for you

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