Is it strange that the last two guys I dated... were 10 years older than me?

I am 48... but I have been told I look several years younger. The last two men I dated were 10 years older than me. Older men treat me better, they seem to be so glad to be with me. My friend says it is strange that I am seeing someone who is nearly 60 years old. He treats me like a queen.


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  • Perhaps your friend is jealous about your relationships. I have been married almost 20yrs and my husband is 10yrs older then I am. I happen to agree with you that older men tend to treat women better, they have gotten their 'wild years' out of their systems and then know what they are looking for in a partner.

    I do not think it is weird at all. If you enjoy being with that person then age should not matter as long as both parties are of legal age =)

    Good Luck with your relationship. Enjoy the journey

    • Thank you... I was married for 22 years. Divorced for 5. I have found men around my age are just looking for the score. Especially if they are just recently divorced. I think they have in their minds that now they are free... they want to bang everything they didn't when they were younger. This man I am with now... is caring, affectionate, and makes me a priority.

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  • I don't think it's strange at all. The last 2 long term relationships I had were with women 9 - 10 years younger than me. Since then, I've had some good times with women 19 or even 23 years younger than me.

    A man doesn't have to be old at 60. It's all about attitude and condition. When you get past 30, we're all like used cars, and condition is more important than model year. Look at Henry Fonda in this at 62. It's unfortunate that his hair is showing a little grey, but not all men go grey that soon. You wouldn't say he looks too old.


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