Is he seriously interested in pursuing a relationship, or simply looking to lock down a FWB?

My cousins had a cookout last weekend and the drummer from my cousin's band came into town to join in on the fun. We started talking about music, life, future plans and anything else that came up. Conversation flowed flawlessly for hours.
Within two hours he had asked how I spelled my name and before I knew it he was getting my number.
An hour after that, while we were alone outside he got up from his seat across the table and kissed me, before returning to his seat and saying he'd been wanting to do that for hours.
Throughout the night he'd sneak kisses when no one was looking, hold my hand and tell me how beautiful I was.
By the end of the night (We had all gone downtown for a local festival) he no longer cared about PDA in front of our friends and my family.

We cuddled all night and the next morning, hung out the next day, and he said I had "Ruined him for all women"

Here's the catch. He lives an hour and a half away, and comes into town once or twice a week.
He has made it clear he wants to hang out again, and he has kept in contact since that night on a regular basis.

We have a date planned this week, and he's made arrangements to stay the night in town.

From a guy's perspective, do you think he was sincere in wanting to pursue something more in this "Hook-Up" generation we live in or if he wants to keep the status quo.

I'm absolutely interested in pursuing something more, based on our immediate and almost intense mutual attraction and connection. I don't think I could keep myself from becoming attached if he only wanted a friends with benefits type thing. Help a girl out?

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  • He sounds sincere so far. Time will tell. Let his actions speak for what he truly wants. You two sound like you had an easy and quick click and good mutual attraction.
    Go on the date, but don't get to serious too quick. Take your time. Get to know each other. Fight the urge to give into the lust and hormone induced desire. By holding off on sex his intentions will be clear quickly. If he is in town that often, if he is truly interested, you two will be spending time together. Go on dates, hang out, talk, watch movies. Let the fooling around develop. If he keeps spending time with you over a few weeks with no sex, he isn't just looking for a lay. You can talk about what you both are looking for in the relationship department. Open honest communication is a great thing.


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