Showing mutual interest made her uninterested?

So I met this girl a couple of months ago on tinder. She was super attractive and very sweet. Not acknowledging the obvious signs, like her almost instant replies and such, I deleted tinder and her in my disbelief of ever having a chance with her. A couple of days ago I meet another girl on Tinder and find out that the 2 girls are friends. The second girl tells me that the first girl was interested in me and gave me her number. I wrote her, and we wrote all night and we were both astonished that we were both interested in each other. Sadly it seems as if my interest and honesty about her has made her seem uninterested now. She sees my messages on Facebook but replies several hours later and doesn't text me, without me having texted her earlier. How can I tell her I want to be with her without making it worse, and can I make it better?


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  • Dude you just nailed it in one... its tinder! I wouldn't even bother getting worked up over a "sexting " app