Is my crush taken or married already?

I'm so freaking confused... My crush is an international student (same as I am) in my collage.. Because we took up different courses we rarely meet each other.. A few weeks ago, I saw him in the library studying then i saw him wearing a gold ring in his ring finger. Then after that day when i saw him he didn't wore any rings anymore. I'm confused. Is he married or sth? If he's married i would have to let go as i don't want to break up other ppl's marriage.. Pls comment people.. i'm seriously confused.. :/


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  • If you haven't Spoken a word just yet, then it's hard to second guess what his story could be. And with a 'Gold ring in his ring finger,' yes, it Is a sign that he Could be-----Taken. However, if he took off the proof in the pudding he may have decided to Hide it... Who knows...
    Being I don't Exactly know what your story is with him, whether you have uttered a word or Not to him, then you won't know Anything unless you approach him And---Broach the subject yourself.
    If it's a First time face to face, just Introduce yourself and take it from there. And if you Have had Association in 'My college,' then you probably should have Approached him on the spot when----I saw him in the library.
    Good luck. xx


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  • The only way to know is to ask him.

    • how do i ask him? Isn't this kinda personal stuff? We only talked once.. :(

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    • wow that's a pretty good move haha I'll try that the next time i saw him. Thank you :)

    • Your very welcome! I hope everything works out for you!

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