Why did he ask to hang out with me but brought another girl with him?

When I first came online on MySpace chat this dude instantly messaged me and was like "Wanna hang out this Saturday?" and I was like "Sure" and we planned what we were going to do. Go downtown in the day time and just watched the musicians play because we wanted to do something free. However, when the day came this dude actually ended up picking me up at 8:00 pm and there's nothing to do here at night unless you have money and he brought another girl with him. Also, he laughed at my clumsiness throughout the whole night and it was very awkward because she was around and I didn't really know her. Why did he bring her and wait till night to hang with me?


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  • Intimidated ? Why else would he take someone else ? That's all I can think of that seems to be close to the bulls eye.


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