Do the narcissist's narcissist friends hate their partner too?

I remember my narcissist ex had told me that his friend was cheating on a mutual woman friend that we had. I had told my ex to tell the woman what was going on. He told me he wasn't going to tell her anything. His reason was that she was a jealous person and that she was trying to control his friend. My ex liked that I wasn't the jealous type but I don't like for people to be playing me for a fool either. I dumped my ex after he cheated on me the second time. During the time we were together he would tell me about how his friend was cheating on this woman. I felt bad and told him to say something but he would call her a bitch and this was a woman friend. I always wondered why he would call her a bitch when if he would've been in her position he would've acted the same way she was. It seemed like he hated her because she was trying to make sure her boyfriend wasn't cheating on her. He would talk crap to me about her making her sound like a horrible person. Mind you I knew this woman and we were friends before so she seemed cool. She was a selfless person. Yet when her boyfriend was playing her who wouldn't act the same way she was. I have noticed that it seems the narcissist's friends and the narcissist talk crap about the partner who is trying to keep things together. The narcissist's friends end up hating the spouse.


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