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Have you got someone who your friends with (opposite sex), they like you, you like them. It gets to the point where you guys text EVERY SINGLE DAY! like EVERYY SINGLEE DAYY! i have a guy friend (wished he could be my boyfriend already) who i text to every single day, at night time. He hasn't messaged for 2 days (i think im going to cry :P) no seriously last time i spoke to him was on the phone 2 days ago and his phone cut off on us talking because his iphone was out of batteries and his charger is f*&%ed. (iphone/apple problems, im sure 80% of people on G&G know what im on about) i see him online on whatsapp, seen him last on whatsapp. I sent him a text message (picture of hot chocolate that i was having on monday) *its our little inside joke* nothing no message, no call.. What happened? :'(


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  • Us guys? Very dull and insensitive. Things that we do, is because we just kind of do it, not too many underlying meanings behind it. The man just probably saw the message while he was busy, thought that he would reply later, then forgot about it. Just text him again.
    So, to the next problem, you want him to be your boyfriend already, just test or tell him; "When are you going to ask me?" or "When are you going to pop the question?"

    Scenario 1: If the guy was just not confident enough to ask you, now he knows you like him, giving him a chance to ask without losing any face or embarrassment.

    Scenario 2: If the guy just thought you were a friend (Highly unlikely, if you had zero chance, he wouldn't talk to you all day everyday), he now has to imagine/think about you and him together.

    Think Simple and Good Luck.

    • And i thought a piece of steak was dull and insensitive (hehe) thank you for your response (wish me luck)

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    • And thats why its dull hehe

    • Ah, I can't post a link because my level is low... Too bad.
      Tell me how it works out after.

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  • To be honest, 2 days without talking will feel like a long time if you speak every single day, but if you look at it objectively, it's really not that long. Give it time, he'll be in touch I can assure you, but act like you're cool with it (lol even though you're not) and then I suggest you try to take it to the next level. I wouldn't text a girl every single day unless I felt quite strongly about her. Better to snap him up now than risk looking back wondering "what if" right?

    • Thank you thank you thank you for giving me an opinion! (all hail DC2705) like a freaking week honestly. Just act like nothing has happened (ok coolies) is he testing me? What if hey? (yeah i know)

    • Lol don't sweat it. I don't think he's testing you, it could be any number of reasons. What you don't want is him thinking "she's not into me, I'm in the friend zone" because then he may never make the move. Turn up the heat and take it to the next level :)

    • Add the pepper and the spices! Haha ok coolies, thank you once again :)

  • Maybe try a less abrasive approach... If the guy knows he's got you calling, texting and at his beck and call, he know he can have your attention whenever he wants it. Back off a little and see if you don't find him knocking at your door!

    • Yeah i do that to him, i didn't message him for one day and i called up the next night, and he answered saying hi how are you? Funny that i was waiting for your reply to my text.. Its more like his waiting for my beck and call.. Just not these 2 last days and its bugging me D:

  • Magic has gone. People sometimes need someone to speak. Only to speak. You were only speaking, nothing more. YOu shouldnot have been into that before meeting face to tface. Dont call or text, wait for him.

    • We have talked for a month over the phone, meet up, talked some more on the phone for a few months, meet up twice again and we are now here where he hasn't messaged me for 2 days..

    • Maybe it is a trick to make you like that. Or he found someone.

    • A trick to make me like what?

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