Is there such a big diference between an 18yo man and a 22yo woman?

I got rejected recently and most of my female friends told me Im too young for her, but she's not that mature (somewhat the opposite) and most people usually think Im older because of my behaviour and talk.(their own words). Is this difference such a big deal?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • It's not completely out there, I've had a 23 year old woman crush on me before and she WOULD have made moves if I didn't tall her I wasn't into casual sex (don't judge me).

    However, in general, every year younger you are than the woman you're after, you chances of getting rejected exponentially increase. So 0 years younger would be "0", 1 would be "1", 2 would be "4", 3 would be "9", 4 would be "16", et cetera. See the point? It's not impossible, but you're still firing into the dark.


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What Girls Said 1

  • There can be, but not necessarily.

    While there's still quite some development going on around that time of life and you can change quite a bit from 18 to 22, there are also some 18 year olds who are more mature and more confident than some 25 year olds or even older.


What Guys Said 3

  • It's not that big of an age gap IMO.

  • Pfft, no. Ignore them. Date whoever you want. I got with women in their mid thirties when I had just reached my early twenties. Live your life, date who you wish and ignore anyone who tells you not to.

  • I don't find it a deal at all. Her lose.