My friends plan fell apart. She was going to get back together with ex after summer but she hasn't heard from him. What do you think?

So a "girl" friend of mine is having a little issue. She broke off a 4 month relationship for the summer because she was going home from college and she didn't want to do the long distance thing. Her plan was to get back with him after the summer. While she was at home for 2 months, she started to mess around with an old friend of hers (myself). It was nothing serious, just hugging, cuddling, kissing. Well, we both developed some feelings for each other. At the end of the 2 months, we ended our thing. Well when she went to leave to go back to college. She was going to stay with her ex for a few weeks before she could get into her apartment. She texted me the night before she was suppose to leave and told me she wasn't leaving like planned because she didn't have anywhere to stay. She then told me she hadn't heard from her ex for 2 weeks. Then she kind of stopped talking to me a whole lot.

Is it possible that he ended up finding someone else and dropped her? What you think?


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  • You can't expect someone to wait for 2 months just because she didn't want the 'long distance' if you have real feelings in a relationship you can get through anything!


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  • Absolutely it's possible. Girls who treat guys like they are something you can put down for two months and then pick up again, often get a rude wake up call when reality doesn't conform to their expectations.

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