"Boyfriend" won't talk to me after our break is over?

So my "boyfriend" (he is not actually my boyfriend. We have been seeing each other romantically for two years with out the title of boyfriend girlfriend). We were on a break for about two weeks. He was away on vacation. He said we would talk when he gets back. He has been back for two days and has not contacted me. He also has been posting stuff on instagram and facebook, so I know his phone isn't broken or something didn't happen to him. He also did not wish me a happy birthday, my birthday fell during the break. I know someone will probably say text him, but I don't want to look desperate, or look like I'm am worrying about this so much because he clearly is not.
I need some advice. Thanks!


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  • okay so he said you both would talk when he gets back.. It's only been two days.. Maybe he's still resting from vacation or just wanna be alone by himself first.. just calm down.. don't worry too much since you and him are not in relationship.. On the other hand, I even think that he is not emotionally attached with you nor treating you as someone special so I hope you are careful with your heart and not be too emotionally attached with him so you won't be hurt much when he starts to ignore you like now..


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  • Well, Hun he moved on by the sounds of things

  • Is he your boyfriend or not? From the sound of it he isn't.


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