Did she string me along? i'm confused? back on a dating website?

This girl told me she can't date right now and needs time to get better. She also told me she feels uncomfortable hanging with me because she doesn't want to develop feelings right now and stay single. This is NOT a lie by the way

A month later we got into a fight, and i saw she was on the dating site we met on and confronted her. i then confronted her on "oh what happened to not doing anything/hanging so you can stay single/not develop feelings? and she just told me to shut up and stop texting her

i then asked her "okay so did you mean what you said back then? was it an excuse? about wanting to stay single and not develop feelings? " and she replied "im gonna lie and say it was an excuse so you f**k off"

I'm confused, so she said "im gonna lie and say it was an excuse" so she means it that she wants to stay single? but then why is she back on the dating site?

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What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe she wanted a back up plan in case you leave or maybe she wanted to compare her prospects before choosing who she wants.

    • its weird cause she got mad at me one time for "checking other prospects", unless she was never doing that back then?

    • I'm not sure. It's impossible to say but sometimes people judge others by standards they are not willing to meet themselves.

What Guys Said 1

  • i dont think she wants a relationship at the moment at least not with you. the moment she said she wanted to stay single was the moment you should have looked for others.
    as for why she is back on the dating site, girls and people in general loooooooooove attention. attention she will get on that site that she can't get from somewhere else. that is my guess at least