What does it mean when a guy is interested in a girl?

The other day I was talking to my pastors wife and she asked if I had a boyfriend and I said no and mentioned who I was interested in. She said she heard the interest is mutual. Apparently she thought I knew already (she wasn't supposed to let it slip) but she also said it was from a very reliable source. (If it wasn't from him, it could have been his parents who he's very close with)
When I say interested I mean I have a crush and want to get to know the guy better. What does it mean when a guy is "interested" in a girl?
I'm a junior in college and he's a 26 year old teacher. Do you think he may be interested to he point of dating and settling down?


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  • "Interested" really means "attracted to."

    He is likely attracted to both your appearance (perhaps you're cute) and you're vibe and energy... assuming he's met you. This mights seem superficial and that's because it is.

    All men that find you attractive will ONLY find you attractive on a superficial level because they don't yet know you any deeper than what they've seen or heard. It takes time to see someone deeper than their Social Masks. And it takes trust. That's how love develops... with time, experience, trust and connection.

    Ultimately most guys WANT to settle down and spend their love and attention on just one important woman. But we don't often think that far ahead when we first meet a girl we find attractive.

    Moving from dating to "settling down" takes time.

    It takes time because long-term commitments are scary and require HUGE amounts of energy. This worries pretty much everyone. Nobody wants to invest years of dating to have it all fall apart because their partner changed or was hiding secrets, etc.

    So I would recommend the same thing for you. If you're looking for a husband you should slow down and realize that getting there SHOULD require you to intimately know any new partners. And this takes time.

    If he thinks you're cool, and you think he's cool, then hang out with him. Have a few dates and see how he behaves, how he acts and who he presents himself to be. Hopefully he's awesome and you will WANT to keep seeing him. Just don't rush and don't ignore the Red Flags if they present themselves... know what i mean?

    I hope this helps?

    ~ Robby


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  • Yes. However, nothing will happen unless you begin communicating, if not with words then by eye contact, smiling, and other facial expression. Make eye contact, smile your friendly smile with mouth closed and cheeks pulled back a bit, then drop your gaze to his chest level, then look back at him. When you catch him glancing at you from a distance, look back at him, smile, and slightly raise both eyebrows as if recognizing someone in a crowd. He will know you're interested too if you always stand or sit as closely as you may to him. Wear a tiny bit of red in his presence if you may. When he comes over and speaks directly to you, nod yes as he speaks, never nod nor say no (maybe uhhh is okay for no). Never complain or say a cross word. You seem to have mutual interests, so conversation will come naturally. Congratulations!

  • I think "interested" means the same thing to both genders. Go get him.


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