Does he want to hang out with me or not?

ok so I met up with my boyfriend at his lunch break and asked him if he wanted me to meet up with him when he gets off, but he just said " if you want to " I asked two more times and he said the same thing. he usually wants me to meet him and then I go and stay at his house. so should I meet up with him or not. I don't know if he wants me to. I don't want him to think I'm clingy or creepy or something. gosh your help would mean a lot.


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  • If you think it's clingy, then don't go.

    Maybe he's used to being around for lunch, so that's why his response is so bland. Not that he wouldn't want to have lunch with you, but he's used to it.

    If you think it's clingy, don't go. It's as simple as that.

    • Well do you think that maybe he is seeing if I will go out of my way to see and to show him I want to hang out with him?

    • I think you're reading into this way too much.

      Why would he test you on a lunch, when you've been there for so many already? That doesn't make sense.

      Like I said, if YOU think it's clingy, don't go. If YOU don't think it is, then go.

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  • Just relax, he seems like he wants to do the things you want. Sure he isn't giving a straight yes or no answer which I personally would give. Communicate, if you don't like the "if you don't want to" then tell him to give you a yes or no. I don't think you're being clingy.


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  • If you want to meet up with him, the go as he said, if you want to. You can be like, are you busy today after work? I want to see you but if you're busy then I would understand kinda thing ---> this won't seem being clingy. You just miss him and want to be with him, why would he think you're clingy anyways?