Should I ask her out since she split with her boyfriend?

There's this girl that I've known for many years and I've always liked. Last time we talked was 6 years ago in high school. She came home this summer from college and we reconnected and became good friends. When we hung out the first day she said she had broke up with her boyfriend because she was going home for 12 weeks (she was home 4 weeks before we ran into each other). We talked and started to flirt and I took her out on a date. Everything went well for 8 weeks, we took things slow, started to mess around a little, getting a little physical (no sex). Because of the distance we had basically agreed to end what we were doing at the end of the summer when she left. During this time she started throwing off signals that she had feelings for me. Last week we ended it because she was leaving and she had started to talk to her ex bf again.

The night before she was suppose to leave, she texted me and said she wasn't leaving yet because she had no where to stay. I ask and found out she was going stay with her ex bf until she got an apartment. She said that the plan had been for her ex bf and her to split for the summer and get back together after summer. Well, she told me that she hadn't heard from him in 2 weeks despite her attempts to call and text him. So I am taking it he found someone else.

Should I make a move and ask her out?


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  • This kind of reminds me of the friends episode where Ross had an affair while he and Rachel were on a "break". It sounds like they were doing the same thing, taking a break while they were away. Sounds like she wasn't supposed to hook up with anyone on this break, and now that she did, he's mad. They'll probably kiss and make up soon. If that is the case then I'd be worried if she is willing to mess with one person's feelings like that, why wouldn't she do it with you?


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  • Procceed with caution. You could get hurt by her, if she ever has to go away, she will dump you just like she did to that guy. He probably realized that. If she could easily leave a bf like that, then she'll have no problem leaving you. But I guess you should go for it.


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