Guys, how honest are you when you tell a girl you "can't stop thinking about her"?

I went on a first date with this guy. We had conversed previously for a few weeks. We clicked really well & really enjoyed each others company & the conversation was easy & flowing! We texted throughout Monday morning. He worked nightshift & after my lunch break didn't expect to hear from him until late. 7:30 he texts me 'I can't stop thinking about u' I was flattered! :)

We did mention previous relationships. His ex gf broke it off with him just shy of 6 years. He didn't say why & I didn't ask. My ex dumped me BC of us not communicating well...& I didn't put out for him.

We can't wait to meet up again. He tells me that I can & should be open & honest with him & most importantly be myself.

If a guy was really into her, would he say those things? Or should I ask, if he only wanted ONE thing ( or to string her along), would he say those things?


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  • it's honestly too early to tell. i had a similar thing with my boyfriend, he seemed very into me but until they ask for a relationship you should always keep your heart guarded, even though it's not easy to.

    it sounds like a good start but some guys come on very strong in the beginning to have sex.

    until he asks you to be in a relationship just don't get too sexual. do not have intercourse or oral sex either. honestly my boyfriend didn't actually finger me until we were in a relationship. but he asked me to be in one within a few weeks.

    and do not ask the guy to have a relationship. he has to bring it up.

    • I won't. My ex did everything... asking & stuff. I'm guarded... trust me. My ex raped me so... I'm guarded! lol I don't wanna upset him but worrying so much & being unsure if he's lying. My ex said all the 'lovey dovey' swoony crap to keep me happy & it was all lies! I'd hate to have him (the guy now) mean what he says & I not trust him :(

    • it's hard the thing to do is remember every guy is a new person, and so you have to keep your guard up for bad behaviors but not assume the worst until the guy actually does something bad

    • Thank you!! :)

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  • Personally I've only said that to a girl if I was truly into her. Depending on how long ago he and his ex broke up he could be unintentionally conveying his feelings for her towards you

    • He said it would be 3 years this Christmas

    • Then I'd say it everything looks good. Don't over think it and you should be golden

  • He could do it for both depending on the guy, why do you think players are successful lol. I wouldn't give out a compliment like that usually, it's most likely accurate though, I'm sure you think of him.

  • pretty honest until something else comes to mind


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  • I think he is trying to get over her and maybe feels lonely so he wants another girl to comfort him and help him relieve his pain. I don't know if he is serious but I haven't seen any signs that he is playing with you from this question.

    • Oh - I forgot to mention! Its been almost 3 years since they split! Oops!

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    • What makes you say that he wouldn't be serious?

    • Because if it's been 3 years it means you've met other attractive woman but none of them have met up to the standards that your ex-partner raised you to. i'm sure he's had dating opportunities but in 3 years - he hasn't found a single one that met up to his standards and why would you date people who don't measure up to your standards unless you are bored and not giving them the same attention you gave to oyur ex.

  • I think he likes you. Three years is a long time. you can be honest and ask if he only wants one thing but if he does he;ll lie. or he;ll say something like "i'm not ready to be in a relationship yet" or something along those lines. just be careful, but there's nothing wrong with telling someone exactly how you feel. i'm always extremely honest about my feelings in relationships and it works really well for me.