Would you take offense to this?

My best friend and I are still trying to figure this out. All she said to him was: I am surprised you're interested in me when you can do better.

I know that does sound a bit insecure, and maybe implying that he is shallow (that's the only reason I can think of why he got so offended) but she meant no harm with it. She says she didn't say it in a rude tone or anything, but in a flirty tone and she wasn't really serious.

I wouldn't get offended if a guy said that to me. I'd wonder if he were insecure, but I wouldn't take offense.


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  • Okay have this, ever heard of the "woman logic" you are basicly putting a gun to his head and giving him 2 options
    1. he can pull the trigrer himself
    2. he waits for you to pull it

    either way he losses...

    your friend said "I am surprised you're interested in me when you can do better" that means that he has to answer something and from my POV this are the only ones (also with your friend's possible reactions)

    1, but i like you (oh so you CAN do better but you are lazy and just want me?)
    2. no i can't (oh so this is it?)
    3. even if i could or wanted to, you are the one i like (so im not the prettiest here)
    4. does this mean you are rejecting me (actually i think this would work but then she would be on a more awkward position)

    i don't want to go on but i think you get the poin...


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  • What if this guy is REALLY into your friend. REALLY cares for her. Sincerely. Legit. So he hears her say this and it makes him mad because he doesn't see your friend as being "less than." And he doesn't want her to think of herself as "less than." He doesn't need to throw a conniption fit, but I can see why he might be upset.

    • Oh he definitely flipped out on her. Told her not to contact him ever again. She was the one who asked him out too.

    • well that's going way too far. He threw a conniption fit, and he didn't need to do that.

  • It seems insecure and fishing which is a big turn off, other guy made some good points. I don't think I would really care too much but it may have seemed like deflection as well instead of "I like you too"


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  • Maybe he was offended because he felt like she was rejecting him or she was upset he wasn't getting what he wanted which was a relationship with her.

    • Maybe but she's the one who asked him out.