Do yous think my boyfriend is good looking?

I feel so lucky to have him he's my everything he was my best friend for 6 years and this year we finally decided to start dating! :)

  • no he's not good looking
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  • yes he's very good looking :)
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  • I think you're the dude in the picture- you're just employing a super sneaky 'rate me' technique. *claps*

    • Nope im not he's my boyfriend his name is alex and my name is natalie :)

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    • level 1. and account made yesterday. yeah i think she/he's trolling. :P

    • Nope not "trolling" exactly how many questions or answers am i supposed to do for me not to be called a troll for posting a question like that? I do have better things to do like look after my children than doing this, i found this site through google and thought it seemed fun so thought id give it a shot in my chill out time :)

  • I wouldn't know there's no pic

  • That sounds like my friend she just started dating her best friend... I already know those two are going to get married lol SOOO WAIT! Has another friend made it out of the friendzone? XD

    • Nope I've never had a male friend come out of the friendzone i had a bf of 4 years i never knew him met him once he asked me out a week later nd i said yes being th silly 16 yr old i was xD but that guy was hell! Made my life a wreck but this bf was there for me through everything and when people found out we were dating everyone all said "finally" or "about time" haha :D

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