What does he expect me to do? What should I do? Please help?

I really like this guy, we flirted since we met, and when summer started we hungout for like two weeks straight, flirting, messing around, laid back stuff.
One day he asked me to meet him and it was late, we met up and we were just alone (we always hungout in groups) and we just talked and it was great, we almost kissed but i shyed away. We hugged a lot and i love hugs so i was happy.

He TEXTS me an hour later saying he has a lot going on at home and doesn't want me to have to deal with it, so he'd rather not be in a relationship right now.

I asked him if he was just playin me but he said that he still liked me. We continued to hangout and text, just as before

We haven't hungout because i'm not home but he's said some rude things, and texts me really blandly, which he kind of did before. BUt now it's bothering me.

What does he want me to do? Wait around?
What should i do?

I still lke him a lot but i haven't seen him in a while and haven't talked in a week or so.

Thanks so much !!!


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  • He either wants you to have sex with him with no expectations or strings attached or he's trying to tell you he's bit interested. Either way I think you should move on, he's not offering what you want

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