How to find someone to like you for your personality? LET ME SEEEEE what you have to say about this?

A little about me: I come from a wealthy family and I weight lift in the gym regularly, so as a result, i'm fairly muscular and am aiming to be more ripped in the future. I hope to find a nice paying job in the future as well. My only concern about this in the dating world is that I may attract a girl to like me for these things. Now, that's okay if she likes them, don't get me wrong, but I would like someone to be fond of my personality also.

In my opinion, I'm somewhat insipid and I don't have that funny loquacious personality like a lot of other people do. My idea right now is to hide those things about me, like wear shirts that don't show off my body, and to avoid talking about job careers or showing off my wealth in some way.

I'm wondering if I can get anything out of this question. If anyone has any similar experiences or tips/advice for me, let's hear it. I don't expect much here but i'm just giving this a try, nothing to lose anyways.


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  • Going really slow and seeing each other in a variety of settings. Lots of conversation. Looking for shared values.


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  • The best way would probably be through the internet, where they can't see you or know about your money until after they're already talking and getting to know you. Other than that, wearing shirts that hide your body and finding people who don't know you or your family is probably the next best thing.

    • So internet is your answer. Not a bad idea.

    • The biggest advantage of the internet is anonymity, which seems to be precisely what you're after. Of course this goes both ways, so you won't really know the other person other than their personality either.