I was just wondering?

Do you make compromises for your partner In your relationship? If yes, what and do you do that to make them happy and have a good relationship. If not, why?

I am just curious here, please comment as well as answering the poll :)

  • Yes, I feel it is an important part of a happy relationship.
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  • It depends on what the compromise was.
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  • No, a perfect partner would want what I wanted.
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  • I make certain compromises to make sure both of us is happy. She does as well. in my opinion you both need to make compromises and find common ground. If one partner is stubborn and won't budge, it's not fair to the other.

    Without compromise it won't work or one partner will end up building resentment that they keep caving.


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  • Isn't that what a relationship is? Compromise... communication


What Girls Said 1

  • An example of a good compromise is I'll cook you. do the dishes. Anything that changes someone as a person is not okay to me.

    • That's the type of compromises I meant, also ones like moving to a town that wasn't your first choice to make them happier things like that. But I agree with you completely :)