I think I may be getting friendzoned and doing it myself aswell?

Me and my crush have pretty much become really good friends, i feel an attraction to her and there are times where it feels like she may be into me, but she's always refering to me as her best friend, and without even thinking it, i always call her my buddy or something else that indicates we are just friends, i'm always telling her when i go on dates, sometimes she looks a little jealous, but anytime i ask her out to a place just the two of us she ends up making other plans, should i just be patient and see what kind of relationship will flourish or just keep her as a really close friend?


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  • Why did you become friends with your crush?

    You've asked her out and she makes other plans is a crystal clear signal that this girl isn't interested. She knows you like her and is probably keeping you around as an ego boost because you're more than happy to continue to shower her with attention.

    I think you should abandon the idea of ever being more than a friend and if you want to genuinely be friends with this girl then you should, if you only want to be her friend because you hope that somewhere in the future you'll get together then I think that may cause you nothing but misery, especially if she gets into a relationship with another guy.

    I think you should keep your distance from her and search for someone.

    • harsh but honest, thank you i appreciate your feedback

    • Man, I've been in this position too many times, if I can help another guy not make the same mistakes I have done then I'm happy to help. It's not nice being friend zoned, but the great news is you don't have to accept the friend zone.

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  • Whenever you ask her out does she give another time she is available?

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