Fun/interesting questions to ask on online dating sites?

I'm on a couple different online dating sites, and I sometimes struggle with what to ask in a first message. Especially places like Tinder where people don't even have to list anything in their profile. So if there's nothing obvious to ask about, what are some fun questions I can ask to get the ball rolling?

Girls, what kind of questions would be cute or fun so I can stand out from the rest? Guys, what kinds of questions have worked for you in the past?


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  • -you new around these parts?
    -what's your sign?
    -what's your nationality and have you ever ventured outside the boarders of that country?
    -do you enjoy movies? what kind?
    -I'm not the smoothest guy out there but I'm willing to laugh at myself!
    -do you drink? what's your drink? I like milkshakes?
    -hows your family life?
    -do you read?
    -mention your hobbies and ask her to share hers
    -mention your fave sports team
    -talk about music

    I think these are pretty decent ice breakers. I wish you all the luck in the world, truly.


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