Is it so bad if a woman recognizes the financial stability of a man?

On GAG all the guys seem to think that if a woman recognizes the financial stability of a man that she's an automatic gold digger - least that has been what I have noticed, feel free to correct me.

Is it really so horrible if a woman recognizes that a guy makes sound financial decisions and has a good stable financial footing? Is it horrible if his financial stability is an attractive quality?

Now, of course, I would agree that if the ONLY thing a woman sees in a man is his financial situation, that is bad, but that's often not the case.

If a woman loves a man and it just so happens that he is financially sound, is she really a gold digger?

I'll use myself as an example. I met my boyfriend at a young age. He was young as well. I fell in love with him way back before either of us had jobs. I'm talking early HS here. Neither of us had any financial footing whatsoever.

Fast forward a few years and we're at today (3 years out of HS) and he's my best friend in the world and I love him to the moon and back and I just think the world of him.

Now, it just so happens that over the course of our relationship, he made the decision to pursue a law degree and become a lawyer. He has always made sound financial decisions and I can see a good future for us (assuming we stay together). Is it so horrible if I am able to acknowledge that his ability to be financially stable is an attractive quality?

It is obviously not the thing that keeps me around, and I loved him when he was dirt poor and I'd love him if he were ever dirt poor again.

I am financially stable as well. I work, I pay my bills, I am in school for a degree. I intend to pull my weight in a potential marriage/partnership. And yes, guys, I pay for dates 50% of the time :p

Now, is it so bad if I list off the reasons why I'm attracted to him and on that list is included the fact that he's smart with money and financially stable and reliable?


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  • Gold diggers want a man for his money, because they want things. They could not care less about his heart, or even his personality. As long as he has money they are fooled into believing it will make them happy.

    Every woman needs or wants a financially stable and mature man. A woman who does not I do not feel will respect her man.


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  • Most of the guys who complain that women only care about money are just pissed off that they can't get girlfriend even though they're so "nice".

    Women are attracted to successful men. A side of success is money and financial responsibility. Now, if a woman ONLY cares about a guy's capital, than yes she's a gold digger. However, most women don't care about the money, they care that the man is WORTH something. He has VALUE, so her being with him would be a VALUABLE use of her time, emotions and sacrifices. He DID SOMETHING THAT MATTERS. That's what most women are after, a guy who's an adult, won't waste her time, can take care of himself & others, and isn't worthless. When women see you're successful, you engage her interest. Whether or not she chooses to date you is bade upon your other qualities. If she likes everything else about you, (or at least a decent amount) that's when she'll fall in love with you. Because you're awesome.

  • If you don't love him enough to live in a cardboard box under an overpass then you never loved him to begin with. Men aren't ATMs, we are people. Get your own damn life together and be able to support yourself and a bit more. Then you will be able to help support a family along side him as his partner and be able to help support him if he's ever in between jobs. I'm sure he'd do the same for that sort of woman. If that's not an option for you and you just want the green then you're just another two bit ho.

  • It's completely fine provided you fulfill the following criteria:

    1. Just be honest. I hate when women say "I want an ambitious guy", when they really mean "I want a guy who is fairly wealthy or likely to become that in the near future". Would any girl turn down a lottery millionaire cos he ain't ambitious enough? I dont think so. Just be honest.

    2. Accept that it's OK for men to have their own preferences too. So that means no complaining that "guys are so shallow" or the more passive-aggressive version: "Am I good looking enough for a relationship?"

    3. Support policies which make it easier for guys to become what you want them to be. This isn't a party point. Both Dems and GOP are terrible. But nothing pisses me off more than a girl who says "I want ambitious guys' and then supports regulations/taxes which destroy ambition. College is cripplingly expensive now. And its pretty much impossible to create a business without the cash to pay an army of attorneys to navigate the regulations.

    4. Be supportive. Give him the emotional support which will benefit him as he pursues his wealth. Don't be there just to spend it

    how many girls fulfill all 4 criterias? Unfortunately not many

  • It isn't bad to be attracted to a guy with money, just like it isn't bad for a guy to be attracted to a woman that is super attractive. In every relationship financial stability is needed, just like attraction is needed. It is when we place these values, far above the person that we start becoming shallow.


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  • Its usually poor guys who are insecure about it. if you're SMART you will pay attention to financial security and not settle for a guy who will have you working 40 hrs at 8 months pregnant. or if y'all break up complaining about paying $100/month in child support

    I see so many women who did not pay attention to a man being financially stable, and they would date/marry/procreate with jobless or minimum wage men and they are suffering today

    Poor people envy the rich so they are always going to criticize financially intelligent people. they live in some fairy tale dream world in which it's perfectly acceptable to be late on bills and not give your kids the best opportunitiesbut that doesn't have to be you

    watch who you take advice from