Did he intend for this to be a date or just friends hanging out?

Met this guy after having coffee together and we had a nice conversation. A week later, he asked me to go to the movies, and I agreed. Days later, he confirmed the movie time and location and then asked if I wanted to grab dinner before the movie as well.

Did he intend for this to be a date or just hanging out as friends?


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  • Go have fun, worry about whether it was friends or a date later. It always works out to be more enjoyable and less stressful.

  • stop thinking women

    • ahahahahaha. You know, in the simplicity of this answer, it's got some truth to it. Stop analyzing the details and enjoy your time. Whether it's a date or not, it's up to you whether you treat it like a date. He can treat it however way he wants, it still takes two to tango, mkay

    • she's thinking about it to much and giving meaning to some that doesn't need a meaning

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