What to do? What to do?

I like this guy, we text at night, because we work during the mornings and afternoon. He hasn't messaged me for 3 days now and i've had G&Gers reply to my other question that i should wait for his reply. That's alright, i plan to not message him (although i miss our talks) which reminds me he went to brazil to watch the world cup and we didn't talk for 1 whole month (it felt wrong and odd actually) he came back and he said he missed me 11 out of 10 haha (what a cute head) so why isn't he missing me? Its 3 days now? Anyways in the meantime what should i do to keep myself occupied at night so im not likely to reminisce about him?

Talk of the devil.. He messages me now.. Haha (i have this huge grin on my face) won't message him till tomorrow.. That dummy can wait :)


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  • There's a difference between 1 month and 3 days. For a guy, 3 days is nothing. Girls find it hard to imagine, but a guy could go 3 days playing a good video game, and not even realise.

    The idea that a guy would miss talking to a girl after only 3 days, is laughable. A guy might lie and say he did, but that would only be to make the girl go "awww...." and feel good.

    • What should i be doing :'(

    • Living your life as if you weren't physically dependent on a guy.

    • I miss his company.. But your right

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  • Are you dating him? Do you go out with him?

    • We like each other, not on the dating scene.. Yet o. O

    • He's not that into you if he's not conversing with you or asking you out. Find something else to do. Go out with friends, meet other guys, go get a job, go for a walk... anything.

    • Yeah i think i might have too

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