When is a good time to ask where we stand in the relationship?

I have been talking to a guy at work and we have such a great connection. We text all night and he gives me a long hug and kiss before leaving to go home. However, we have yet to hang out outside of work (his best friend told me its almost impossible to make him go out) but he has promised that we will once he gets moved into his new apartment. However, I feel like we aren't progressing and I want to know if I should wait until we hang out to see where things go, or if I should go ahead and ask now.


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  • Answer, whenever you are in doubt. Honesty is the way to go always, you will be surprised to see the effect of honesty - although sometime it reveals something you do not like.


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  • It's never a good time. No guy ever wants to hear or have that conversation.

    That never stops girls from bringing it up though.

    Since there's no point in waiting for the "good" time to ask, just ask.


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