Do you believe in signs and should I?

I really want to know. Do you guys believe in signs? Like, something that is pulling you toward a certain path with everyday reminders?

My situation is that there is this guy I like. I am aware that he doesn't feel the same way and I'm trying to move on from it. But it seems that once I start to get control over my emotions about him, there is a constant reminder that I still like him and maybe there should be something between us.

For example, and this might sound stupid but whatever, he's a co worker. At first he was my boss and I know trying to get involved with a superior is a no-no, but shortly after I develop feelings for him he moved to a different department making him not my boss anymore.
Second, I found out that he's originally not from my state and that he recently moved here. ( I know not really a good one but bear with me).
Third, maybe a month after having feelings for him he moved into a new apartment that so happens to be 2 blocks from my house.
And lastly, after some time has gone by and knowing that he doesn't share the same feelings for me, I try to forget about my feelings for him and just remain friends. But I don't know if you guys know about the Coke bottles with peoples names on them but the other day when stocking drinks at my job I was switching out the Cokes and the first one I touched had his name on it. I stopped and looked at it for a second and then brushed it of. Continuing my task I came across his name again but this time a Coke with my name on it was right next to his. So what are the odds.

This most likely doesn't mean anything, but I just find it a little weird.

What do you guys think? Tell me about certain signs in your life.


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  • No, we see 'signs' when we want to see them, and use them as proof to reinforce our own beliefs. Sorry, but it just sounds like you really want to believe that you'll end up together and are using pure coincidence as evidence that you're right.

    • That's what I thought. I hate when my brain does that to me

    • It's okay, it happens to me too. :) You just have to try to remember the facts of the situation rather than engage in wishful thinking.

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  • I have seen all sorts of things like that, trust me, nothing ever happens differently

  • Signs from who, to whom and why?

    No I do not believe in signs.

    • It doesn't necessarily have to be from anyone. Just multiple things reminding you that you should go a certain path, or, in my case, be with a certain person.

    • Signs are either intelligently put or pure imagination, you pick.

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