If you knew your friend was lying to the person they are dating would that change the way you think about them?

If your friend was lying to the person they were dating, and you knew they were lying to them, would this change how you saw the person? Would this change your perspective on them?


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  • Their relationship would have nothing to do with me unless it was damaging to them. It would not change my view unless they did something totally wrong but then they are still my friend and should be able to rely on me to be there for them so I would forgive them. If I thought they were doing something wrong to their partner i would try and give them good advice to change the way they are towards their partner but it would be down to them if they took it or not and I wouldn't have the right to judge. Everyone's relationship is different and as I've learnt sometimes you don't need your friends sticking their noses into it or judging you. A friend should be just that, a friend.

    • Its about respect, if the person they are dating does not garner enough respect to be told the truth, what would make that person tell you the truth. Friends dont lie to one another, then again if you are dating someone, a they shouldn't be lying to one another either.

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  • I don't meddle with my friends relationships. If it were just an acquaintance, then it would most likely change the way I see them.

    • So if your friend is lying to the person they are with, who they say they love, why would they not lie to you as well? Thats what I am getting at. If your friend is willing to lie to their s/o, would you wonder if they were lying to you?

    • Oh that's what you mean. Well surely it will cross my mind. I usually pay close attention to what people are telling me and whether the story changes over time. So it would cross my mind whether she is capable of being genuine with me since she isn't able to with her boyfriend. But at the same time, it is her relationship. She should do what she sees fit. Having said that, you should also consider the circumstances. She may have a good reason for not telling the truth, which isn't always a bad thing.

    • Maybe Im old fashioned, I prefer full disclosure when it comes to dating. i dont see a point in hiding things. eventually things come out, and better to stem the tide and deal with it early on than for your s/o to find out on their own.
      When someone is lying to their significant other its going to come back to them, especially if they hang out with their friends as well. But at least you see where Im coming from.

  • It would have to be something really bad because I mind my own business

    • This would be like them not telling them really important things, like for instance they are on meds, that they have a history of depression. Things like that, also saying that they have never dated before that person. Etc.

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  • If that is happening to you right know I really suggest you to ask your friend why he's lying to the one he's dating.

    • I have, I get excuses. I said flat out if she is lying to them, then there is nothing to stop her from lying to anyone else. Plus when one says they have certain morals, principles and expectations, but does not uphold them... it makes you see the person in a different light

  • Not particularly. It depends a lot on what exactly they're lying about. If the lie was made malicious or in an intent to deceive and exploit, of course I'll have a terrible impression of them.

    • Its not a white lie, like I've never farted in public. Its pretty serious.

    • Does he have a good reason for lying, that's what I meant. Is he lying to get his way, to exploit people? Or is he lying because he's confused, he doesn't want to hurt people with the truth (even though ironically the lie does hurt people anyway).

      But from your comment, it does seem like it's the former - he's lying for selfish reasons. In which case, yes, it would change my perspective of him, if I hadn't knew him that way before then.