Been in a close relationship/friendship with girl I really like not sure what to do next? not sure if she definitely likes me the same way I like her?

Ok so I met this girl 18 months ago as our parents are really good friends. She is 3 years younger than me and a bit shy sometimes. Weve been very close for a very long time. We sometimes act like we are boyfriend and girlfriend with flirting etc... and she's seems very comfortable with it. The friends with benefits conversation has been spoken about before. even her best friend thinks we calls us bf and gf. The thing is we are just friends at the moment and its becoming slightly frustrating for me. I have asked he before about our relationship but she goes all shy and says she's don't know all the time. I adore her a really do but im not quite sure what to do next either stop pursuing or just carry on? This is really putting me down.

  • stop pursuing her and make her chase me tp find out if she actually likes me
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  • carry on in the hope well be together properly one day
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  • Carry on and hope you will be together because anything can happen


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  • I think you should try one last time. Like go out on a proper date and stuff. Bring the topic out and if she avoids it , that means she's not ready for a relationship or doesn't like you the same way. Also , tell her how you really feel. How its frustrating you and stuff. You judge yourself by the way she reacts (:

    • Thank you for your comment. I have taken her out on what I would call dates. Before and have mentioned a few times in the 18 months I've known her on the way how I feel to a certain extent. I haven't spoke to her much recently for this very reason but she's text me a few times. Is 18 months to long to be pursuing a friend who I really like?

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