Is it weird to have a friend drive you to a date?

Would it be weird if I was taking a girl on a date but got a friend to drive us? I'm asking cause I'm taking a girl to a movie in a week or two but the theater is not in walking distance from the college campus so I thought I'd ask a friend to drive us. I'd rather do that then take a cab (cause that's not classy at all) but would it seem strange or awkward for her or my friend or both?


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  • You don't have a car, I assume? Can you just borrow his car?

    • Yeah I don't and I've only got my permit (I'm a college freshman, just graduated high school in June) and I'm not gonna get a chance to take my test anytime soon.

    • Can you maybe pick a better idea for a first date? To me, even public transportation or a walk would be better than having a friend drive you like he's your chaperone.

    • There's not a lot around my campus. We could walk but it's a 30 minute walk and for a first date that might not be a great idea. I get what you mean about the chaperone thing but we made the labs before realizing how far the theater is from campus.