Ideas on where to take her?

Had a great first date, asking questions, her laughing, physical contact, kissing, etc.

She told me she was busy last weekend but free this one and that she would message me. She ended up not doing, so I messaged her today saying "Hey, I know we talked about it a little last week but would you still like to get something to eat on Saturday?" and she replied two hours later "Hey, we don't have to go somewhere to eat, I don't mind just hanging out or something, I'm not really a go for a meal kind of girl haha".

What should I reply and where should I take her? I want to have some fun at least than seeming boring. I was thinking bowling and then getting a drink so we can talk, but have fun. She enjoyed the cinemas last time, but I always feel like its not a great idea and could be repetitive.

Wondering if her reply is insisting that she's worried a pay a lot of money on a meal for her, etc.

What should I say and any date ideas?


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  • I found bowling, miniature golf, bating cages, and pool to be enjoyable interactive activities for dates. As they allow one to easily converse, joke and laugh and get to know someone during.

    Respond in the affirmative. Tell her "okay, I'll think of something that we can do and surprise you." Then when you decide on what, where, and when, give her a hint so that she does not over or under dress for the occasion.


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  • A movie at the theater or a ur house
    A picnic
    A "camping trip" set a tent outside ur house


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