Guy making excuse not to hang out :(?

So we've been on about 7 dates. I live in NJ, he lives in NY. We don't see eachother often cause he works all day and night an only has the weekends off so I see him once a week He works A LOT The last time I saw him was this Sunday for a few hours, we went to watch a movie. I really want to see him this weekend but yesterday he tells me he can't hangout cause he wants to start painting He's an artist and he just moved to a new apartment and he hasn't painted in a long time so he wants to start. But I feel like he's just making an excuse not to see me (((((((((( If he truly wanted to see me he would, He could paint any day! There were a couple of times in the past we didn't go out cause he wanted to be on his own at home. Guys is he just making an excuse or does he actually want alone time to paint? I feel so hurt (((((


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  • It's been said that many artists are introverts or, at least, enjoy working in solitude. And lets face it, painting is an introspective activity. Thus, in your case, his want for alone time here and there does not mean he is making excuses not to see you. It simply means he wants to make time for other interests that are important to him.

    • Thanks so much for your answer!

  • Paint art or be with potentially naked gal
    Better go shopping for a replacement


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