How and where to ask a girl out as a test run?

So there is a girl I like and we have been talking for a while, at work. We just recently started texting. Now, I'll just be honest, I haven't ever gotten a real legit girlfriend before, and every time I try I always go too slow that they see me as a friend before I can ever do anything. So with this girl, I want to show my intentions that I want her as more than a friend. I am wanting to ask her to hang out (not a date just hang out) like at a fast food place or something, just to give a message. Then ask her out on a real date later.
I don't really have any specific question for this whole thing, I just need help trying to win her over


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  • I would talk to her through out the day at work but not too much (you don't want to seem desperate or needy) *make her laugh* then I would ask her casual out for a bite to eat after work THAT DAY. If she says yes then pick a social place like a fast food restaurant, and no matter what BE YOURSELF and BE HONEST. Hang out with her so you know she can fulfill the "friend" part in "girlfriend" before you go any further. Good luck bud!


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  • Not a good idea at all, if you want to date her, you ask her out on a real date... No 'test run'

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