How to get a better guy in HS?

Okay so I'm not the most outgoing person in the world, but I really want to get a boyfriend. The high school I go to is relatively small, and the selection isn't that great, plus the fact I've known a lot of the guys since I was young. I want someone that isn't an asshole or a total nerd (my school only has the extremes). Since I haven't been having much luck, how should I go about trying to meet some new guys? I'd say I'm pretty decent in the looks department, the only problem being is that I'm sometimes quiet around strangers.

Also, how do I avoid whiney guys? The only guys I seem to meet are constantly complaining. Im hoping to meet someone a little bit more positive.


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  • Most teenage guys are either enjoying screwing lots of girls or are getting nowhere and are bitter.

    I suggest the latter group since at their age the bitterness isn't very deep and will likely vanish if they start dating you.

    Understandably many of them aren't attractive but some may be and just have no game. You will need to so some of the approaching.

    The only guys your age who will do all the work of you're shy are players basically

    • Well said bro; the girls who sit back and want the guy to "do all the work" are the ones who are heartbroken and bitter

      Don't end up as one of those girls, Asker. Listen to his advice. 8-)

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  • Where do you live? Is this small HS the only HS around (ie: small town)? If there's no population to choose from, then you're SOL.

    If you've got other populations to work from, then go out to those populations and get choosing.

    Conversely, take a nerd and jock him up some. Boys will do anything for pussy, and you can take someone who's not formed a complete self-concept and mold them. De-accentuate the nerdy, and learn new things.

    What's wrong with a nerd? Potentially, they can be making more money in the future. Just find one with broader interests than playing videogames all day.

    • I live in the burbs. There's plenty of people around, and the city is only 30 min away. And its not the fact that they are nerds. Its just we dont have much in common, and not a lot of them are that hot. If I'm gunna stick my tongue down his throat, I want to at least be attracted to him, ya know?

      So are you saying I just need to give people second chances? Or should I venture out? And if I meet people outside of school, how do you just approach a guy?

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    • Do guys typically respond well to being that direct? Like if i actually said, "hey you are kinda cute?" they wouldn't be weirded out?

    • I can only speak from personal experience: not weirded out.

      And, I'd say, if they are - then just pass them by. No skin off your nose. There are fish out there who'll be okay with it. And you only need *one* who's okay with it. If you don't have a lot of options where you are, what could be wrong with this? I think it's ideal to get a little direct, honest interest. But even if it's not (prove that it's not), as long as it's not morally wrong, what could it hurt?

  • searching 4 abf may lead to meat wrong people i mean people that are not compatible with u
    just act on ur nature and one day u will find a guy may be tomorrow next week, month... just don't get rush 2 any guy
    and u should know that guys r not perfect as movies every person has it's own problem
    good luck :)

    • I don't think I'm being overly picky. I just haven't met anyone i really click with. And it just sucks because I've been waiting for awhile. By awhile i mean like 2/3 years. I just want to know some tips on hiw to get the ball rolling

  • What is so bad about "knowing a lot of the guys since you're young"?

    Would u rather date a guy that is a complete stranger, vs one that you've been able to observe and get a gist of their character?

    • I have changed a lot since I was little, and have made a ton of mistakes. I know they still hold me to that old image and probably judge me for the mistakes I have made. I thought it would be better to have a fresh start, you know?

    • That makes total sense. 8-)

  • Why is it always the people who claim to be decent looking are the ones, who never show themselves? Maybe those guys complain because you and other females never give them a chance? I should know I've been there.

    • I don't show pics because I think it's creepy for everyone to see them. So don't sass me. And don't be bitter about what happened in your past. I am not a prissy popular girl by any means. I am quiet and actually pretty accepting of people. But when the guy complains 24/7 and you can't get through one conversation without him whining, well thats too much negativity. Sorry. Or guys that cut or wallow in self pity. Sorry but thats not attractive. But please don't sass. I'm legitimately in search of ideas.

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    • Of course I'm going to bitch at how rude you are.

    • I wasn't being rude I was telling you the truth and of course you being female you can't have anyone tell you that. Why do you think guys throw parties when their wife's and GF's admit when their wrong?

  • I suggest you wait til you're 18, focus on schoolwork, then when you graduate date a guy in his mid-twenties. He might not have a six-pack, or gauged ears, but he'll be more responsible and less horny.

  • Meet someone online or use your common friends to meet some of the guy of your choice.

  • I'm in the same position. The ones who seem perfect to me are taken.


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  • Try online dating. or something

    • Do you think thats smart for a HS junior? That seems like a thing for desperate people in their late 20s and 30s

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    • Heh, not only for desperate people. But, yes there are desperate people doing online dating because IRL ain't coming up roses.

      As for your age? Well, decide if you want to only date kids your age, if so ask for that. But be prepared to do the picture thing.

    • How much older could I date? Cuz I'm not against dating a college guy, but avoiding the "slut" stereotype would be nice. Also, I'm not sure how fast I'd be to put out and I wouldn't want to be pressured.